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Ideas For Mattress Stain Removal Calgary

Don't be embarrassed to find different kinds of stains on your mattress in Calgary, from time to time. These are inevitable, particularly if you consider that mattress stains can come from a variety of sources such as sweating during the night, blood, urine or food. This is why you need to know some sure shot mattress stain removal methods that actually do the job for you. Of course, the easiest way is to have a mattress protector, but what if you don't have one? Well, if you don't, you can use any of these mattress stain-removal methods and see the difference straightaway.

Kinds of stains and mattress stain removal methods:

  • First, take off the covers and check for the kind of stain formed. Most probably, your cover has a stain on it as well. Take off the stained covers or sheets and wash them in the laundry. If yours is a waterproof mattress cover, just wipe the stain in tepid water using a detergent. Then, remove the stain. This is one mattress stain removal method for you.
  • Try to identify the kind of stain formed. It could be a dark stain on a woman's mattress, meaning it's a blood stain; or a coffee stain, if it's on a man's bed. Alternatively, smell the stain to identify it and use the appropriate mattress stain removal method.
  • Food stains: Usually, mattress stain removal is best done by using soap suds, especially if it is a food or drink stain, whether fresh or old. To make it yourself, mix 1/4 cup of mild detergent powder in a cup of tepid water. Whisk it with an egg beater till the solution looks creamy. Now, remove the soap suds and work it into the stain using a dry sponge. Use enough pressure for mattress stain removal but take care that you don't destroy the mattress' fabric. This works best if your sponge is damp. If you have really stubborn stains, go in for upholstery shampoo with enzymes that expedite the cleaning process.
  • Urine stains: If you find urine stains on your mattress, they can be removed with baking soda and vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Mix equal parts of lukewarm water with white distilled vinegar and spray this solution on the mattress. If you use baking soda, you will find that it gets rid of the urine odor. Tap a little baking soda over the damp patch and leave it overnight. Mattress stain removal of this kind works well with this recipe.
  • Blood stains: If you have blood stains on your mattress, use hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain, by using a white towel or piece of cloth since it will not fade. No sooner will you do this, you will realize that effervescence takes place. However, continue to rub the spot till the blood stain completely vanishes. However, be prepared for the mattress' fabric to be bleached too.
  • Bed wetting stains: If your baby or growing child is wetting his bed, use soda bicarbonate as a mattress stain removal to get rid of these stains, particularly if the urine has seeped right into the mattress. If you do find a residue even after using soda bicarb, go ahead and use a vacuum cleaner to remove it after the solution dries.

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